Kisner’s perceptive insights illuminate Thin Places essays

We’re reading less. I get it.

Battle the looming threat whereby we all become bumbling, ill-informed fools by visiting a local independent bookseller for a copy of Jordan Kisner’s Thin Places: Essays From In Between. The essay collection adeptly surfaces and explores common themes, seemingly marginal areas that frequently become important thresholds we struggle to understand, navigate and reconcile.

One can easily expend fanciful adjectives and adverbs describing Kisner’s writing. She’s perceptive. Her observations are fresh and, frequently, rewarding. Her percipience and perspicacity demonstrate an astute awareness, one she expertly transforms to the page.

So, if you’re only going to read a few books this year, read truly talented authors to maximize your investment. Kisner is worthy.

We can all use enlightenment. We should change our obdurate ways. Take a momentary break from our often opprobrious and contumelious social media streams. Read good books. Thin Places: Essays From In Between is a great place to begin.

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