You need a Lochby

Quality typically outweighs quantity. We don’t need numerous things, but life typically proceeds more smoothly when the things we need prove reliable. Experience continually demonstrates the ease with which proper tools expeditiously resolve problems.

It’s a lesson Chris Elfering, creator of the Lochby company, takes to heart. The company’s notebooks and cases are purposefully crafted to meet the demands everyday carrying requires.

Whether you need the modern equivalent (the $59 Field Journal) of your childhood Trapper Keeper, a method (the $49 Tool Roll) for transporting everyday tools or a zipper case (the $39 Pocket Journal) for carrying field notebooks and a pen, Lochby’s ready with a solution. The company also sells a selection of carefully considered notebooks and accessories.

Priced reasonably, these products are thoughtfully built following passionate research. Don’t take my word for it. Read the podcast transcript in which Elfering describes his methods. Take the time and you’ll come away a believer Lochby’s founder knows his stuff.

The resulting products won’t let you down. By choosing waxed canvas, requiring double stitching, insisting on bartacking and specifying honeycomb fabrics for endurance and longevity, these tools meet or exceed common standards.

Give ’em a look. They’re worth your time.

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