Why you should read fewer books in 2020

I noted in my last post that I set my GoodReads 2020 Reading Challenge goal at 24 books, well down from the 50-70 I have been averaging each year. The reason for the lowered goal isn’t to read less. Just the opposite. I seek to spend more time truly enjoying the books I’m reading.

When setting the reading pace at a book a week, abandoning a book becomes much more difficult. As a result, I found myself reading and finishing numerous 2-star (it was OK) and 3-star (liked it), books, instead of the 4-star (really liked it) and 5-star (it was amazing) books that really arrest my attention, stay with me long after I’ve finished them and continually rekindle my ambition as both a reader and writer.

Author Hurley Winkler just published an insightful article, Why I’ll Never Read a Book a Week Ever Again, on The Millions that makes the same observation. If you enjoy reading but occasionally find yourself bogged down working to finish a book you initially believed you’d enjoy, free yourself from such constraint. Bail. By remaining immersed within those works you truly love and enjoy, your reading is likely to prove much more fulfilling and wording.

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