Celebrate Covid-19’s unsung heroes

Image courtesy Mark Turnauckas.

The pandemic caught most of us by surprise. Unfortunately, not everyone is equally prepared or positioned to navigate the contagion’s threats and disruptions.

The June Atlantic explores the impacts of crises and plagues. The June issue also recounts several individual’s 2020 pandemic experiences. One story in particular serves as a reminder that, as much as we might not wish to admit it, not all within a democracy are equal; some work harder than others.

Before you place your next DoorDash or Instacart order, take a moment to read Darcy Courteau’s essay recounting how she went from becoming a traffic obstacle in D.C. to an “essential critical infrastructure worker.” Her job? She delivers meals by bicycle–an ’80s-era vintage Bridgestone some say qualifies as a museum piece, no less.

I’m Risking My Life to Bring You Ramen is an immediately immersive article that cuts to the chase of the haves v. havenots and will make you better appreciate your next delivery, I’m certain. I know reading Ms. Courteau’s piece made me grateful for the sacrifices others make for my comfort.

And don’t mind the payment gate, if you hit it. In light of the justified political unrest sweeping the nation, factual long-form content and a free press are more important than ever. One way we can all help is by supporting those institutions bringing us truth, and The Atlantic Monthly has been doing just that since 1857.

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