Creativity, quality set Field Notes apart

Like most, I regularly jot notes, draft diagrams, record reminders and flesh out ideas using pen and paper. Many occasions remain, of course, in which a traditional notebook remains the preferred tool versus a digital alternative.

I discovered Field Notes, Jeff Draplin’s company that produces high-quality, low-cost notebooks, pencils and accessories, a year ago. Apparently we have the graphic designer’s obsession with old agricultural notepads to thank as the inspiration behind the company. And is this guy ever inspired.

Field Notes’ quarterly subscription, in which subscribers receive whatever notebook and accessory collection the Field Notes team contrives, delivers significant enjoyment for the dollar. From Apollo-themed notebooks–complete with intriguing space program information and three-dimensional space capsule models–to the Eisenhower Interstate System’s-themed pads and old school paper map, the Chicago-based company continually crafts creative materials that make developing ideas and getting work done easier and more fun.

FN Kit 2

Even the shipping boxes are delightful. Here’s the packaging from the most recent shipment:

FN Box 2

Show me a lifetime subscription option. I’m in.

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