A. J. Jacobs’ Thanks a Thousand

New York Times bestselling author A. J. Jacobs writes compelling books. Whether exploring the relationships that connect us, living a faithful life or growing knowledge by reading the entire encyclopedia, his works consistently prove educational, engrossing and entertaining, a challenging but rewarding combination.

His newest topic is timely. Recognizing we all have much for which to be grateful, he recently undertook a seemingly simple initiative: thank everyone responsible for helping produce his morning coffee. In typical Jacobs’ fashion, the task took on an entire spiraling persistence of its own. Thanks a Thousand is thoroughly researched and developed. The book is not a gimmick but captures Jacobs’ trademark sincerity. Proving his commitment to gratitude, he’s also sending personal, handwritten thank you notes to 1,000 readers.

His thank you note to a fall message I forwarded appears above. What else can I say but thank you, A. J. Jacobs. I appreciate your time researching and authoring compelling books I’ve had the good fortune to read, occasionally accompanied by a wonderful cup of coffee.

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