How To Add Web Articles To Your Kindle

I subscribe to several literary newsletters and regularly discover long-form articles. Literary Hub and Catapult are two examples of sites publishing intriguing lengthy content. However, I don’t really enjoy reading longer pieces on my professional weapon of choice, Apple’s MacBook Air. And now I don’t have to, as I discovered how easy it is to share PDF files (made from a Web site) to my Kindle.

Here’s how to add Web articles to your Kindle:

  1. Create a PDF of the Web article. Need help? Using Safari on a Mac, click File and select Export as PDF. Save the file to your Desktop to make retrieval easy. If you’re using Microsoft Edge in Windows, click the More icon in the top right corner and select Print, select Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer pop-up menu, click Print, and save the file to your Desktop. One quick note; choose as the filename the title you wish for the article to possess on your Kindle.
  2. Next, open your email client (typically Mail on Macs and Outlook on Windows PCs) and attach the PDF by dragging it from your Desktop to the message.
  3. Enter your Kindle’s email address within the To field. Don’t know your Kindle’s email address? No worries. Log in to Amazon, click on Your Account, scroll down and select Manage Your Content And Devices within the Digital Content section. Click on the Devices tab that will appear (Amazon will likely prompt you to log back in, first, just to make sure you’re who you say). Your Kindle’s email address will appear and look something like
  4. Click on the Settings tab, then scroll down to Approved Personal Document E-mail List.
  5. Confirm your email address is authorized to send files to the Kindle account. You can easily add an authorized email address by clicking the Add A New Approved E-Mail Address link, entering the address and clicking the Add Address button.
  6. Add a subject line if for no other reason than preventing your email client from warning you’re about to send a message without a Subject.
  7. Send the message.

Go to your Kindle. The e-reader will automatically download the file to your library. You can now read long-form Web articles while reclining lazily and having to hold only 6.3 ounces (if you chose the Kindle Voyage like I did).

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